Caregivers and Older Adults

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We're more than 3800 years old. We understand what it takes to care for older adults.

At Jewish Family Services, we help older adults find ways to maintain their independence. And we support caregivers with the information and tools they need to better guide their loved ones, and better cope with the challenges of care. We’ve been doing it with great results.

Leah’s List was developed to help Jewish individuals and their families, facing various challenges, get the help they otherwise could not afford. Jewish Family Services is in partnership with professionals who volunteer their skills and knowledge in specialized situations. Some of the requests have included legal advice, health care needs, automobile service, home repair, and housing. We are always looking for additional persons to offer their skills and talents to help others that are at a crossroads in life.

The Friendly Visitor Program was created to expand the support system for Jewish seniors feeling isolated from the community. Jewish Family Services matches a volunteer with a senior for regular home visits. Our volunteers find this connection ultimately leads to a unique friendship and improves the quality of life for the senior.

Today our phones often ring for solicitation purposes. Many seniors’ phones are quiet most of the day. Do you enjoy talking on the phone? Consider calling a person on a weekly basis just to say hi and check in. A warm and inviting conversation can really lift the spirits.

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