Aging Concerns Checklist

Are you concerned about an aging loved one? Use the following checklist to help you understand the types of concerns you are having.

Emotional Issues

  • Have you noticed less interest in activities they once enjoyed?
  • Have they experienced a recent death (spouse, friend, pet)?
  • Are they anxious perhaps over issues related to their finances or health?

Environmental Issues

  • Is their home not as clean and safe as in the past?
  • Is there clutter that has begun to accumulate?
  • Is there little or spoiled food in the refrigerator?
  • Does the car have unexplained dents or scratches?

Financial Issues

  • Is there unopened mail?
  • Are there automatic payments coming out of their checking account and you do not recognize the source?
  • Does there appear to be frequent package deliveries?

Intellectual Issues

  • Are they forgetting recent information or small details?
  • Is their clothing inappropriate to the season?
  • Have they gotten lost in a familiar place?

Physical Issues

  • Do you suspect vision or hearing problems have worsened?
  • Are there a large number of different and/or expired medications from different doctors?
  • Has there been significant weight loss or gain recently?
  • Do they appear not to be brushing their hair or shaving as often as in the past?
  • Are they avoiding driving to new destinations or at night?
  • Have there been any recent falls?

Social Issues

  • Are they talking and having visits with friends less regularly?
  • Have they dropped out of a card group or other regular social gatherings?
  • Has their television viewing increased or decreased?

Spiritual Issues

  • Has their interest in spiritual or religious matters suddenly declined or increased?
  • Do they talk about end-of-life issues?

Vocational Issues

  • Do they no longer volunteer when they once did?
  • Has their interest in their hobbies or favorite pursuits declined?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, contact us or call today, 614-231-1890 for a free phone consultation with a Geriatric Social Worker at Jewish Family Services. 

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