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Your donation is a powerful way to invest in our community and effect change. Each donation enables us to continue to provide vital services to our community. When you give, your donation not only combines with others but also encourages other funding sources (grants, companies, foundations, government agencies) to contribute, allowing Jewish Family Services to make an even greater impact in Columbus. In fact, 100% of all donations stay right here in Columbus.

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Sign up to contribute a recurring financial gift — starting as low as $18 — and we’ll make an automatic deduction from your account each month. Your contribution will automatically renew each year and can be discontinued at any time.

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Help strengthen the community in memory of a loved one, in recognition of a special occasion, or in honor of a milestone by giving $18, $36, $72, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or entering a custom amount.

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Want to invest in our community? Give $18, $72, $108, $270, $360, $720, or whatever you can afford. Every gift counts!.

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Prefer to send your contribution by mail? Mail a check to Jewish Family Services:

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