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Looking for your ideal candidate?

In today’s competitive environment, it is more important than ever to acquire the “right talent” for your company.

Jewish Family Services provides employers with access to a pre-screened and ready-to-work pool of qualified candidates from entry level through professional.

To make your job easier, we provide a single point of contact for job postings and candidate referrals.

Additionally, your Talent Acquisition team will receive a bulleted summary, aligning the skill sets of the candidates with the requirements of the job.  By matching skill sets to job descriptions, our candidates are forwarded to the right hiring manager 95% of the time.

Join the ranks of many local, regional and national employers who take advantage of this valuable service.

Collaborative Partnerships Provide Job Opportunities

In partnership with Easton Community Foundation and Hilton Columbus at Easton, Jewish Family Services annually implements the Easton Job Fair, one of the best-attended events in the city, by companies and job seekers alike.

In 2015, we had over 600 job seekers meet with representatives from over 78 companies from a variety of industries. Companies are invited to participate only if they have job openings to discuss, from entry-level to senior level.

We are continually strengthening our relationship and partnerships with our companies through one-on-one meetings, email, phone, and LinkedIn.

Through our partnership with employers, we receive over 1,000 job opportunities each month, resulting in a high rate of placement and retention of our candidates.

Develop and Create Targeted Hiring Events

When our client pool/talent matches a company’s needs, we implement a targeted hiring event specifically for that company.

Some of the companies we have conducted successful targeted hiring events for include L Brands, Giant Eagle Market District Store, Eddie Bauer, Luxottica, Exel Logistics, Capital Services, Verizon, and Huntington Banks.

Training Experts in Career and Workforce Topics

We implement grant-funded training to companies on relevant workplace topics.

Strong relationships enable us to set up and design training, hosted by our company partners and other agencies.

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find your ideal candidates.

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