Seniors & Holocaust Survivors

At Jewish Family Services, we provide high-quality services to older adults and their caregivers by providing guidance, support, and education. We aim to strengthen the quality of life for older adults while giving their caregivers more time, peace of mind, and options.

Services to older adults are delivered by professional Case Managers who assist elderly individuals and persons with disabilities in obtaining needed supportive services from community and government agencies. Services are intended to prevent premature and inappropriate institutionalization. Participants maintain or maximize their ability to live independently with an improved quality of life. Safety and security is enhanced by providing linkage to services including mental health care, medical providers, material assistance, and employment resources.

This service assists seniors who stay in their homes with a high quality of life, respect, and dignity. Many of the seniors that receive these services have an annual income at or below the 200% poverty level ($20,000) as defined by the federal government. In this category, a single person’s monthly income is at or below $1,815. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that this group is around 13% of the total population. These numbers are more significant today given the diminished resources in the senior community due to the high rate of unemployment and underemployment in the age group of 50 to 70 years, the loss of extended unemployment benefits, and the reduction in food assistance.

Jewish Family Services will provide customized services tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual and the family in order to address the challenges that our aging seniors are experiencing. We will develop an Individual Services Plan to meet the spectrum of needs expressed by the senior and their caregivers.


Care Coordination

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Older Adults and Their Caregivers

Paying for Therapy & Counseling

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